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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 11:48
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Kan iemand me aub alle kaarten van marik doorsturen? ik weet niet wie hij allemaal precies bezit (in alle afleveringen+deck+..)
alvast bedankt
Snooping as usual, I see?
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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 12:12
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Heb je hier wat aan? Dit is SDM (Structure Deck Marik), alleen uitgekomen in Japan. Dit is de decklist:

SDM-001 Humanoid Slime
SDM-002 Makyura the Destructor
SDM-003 Revival Jam
SDM-004 Guardian Sphinx
SDM-005 Dark Jeroid
SDM-006 Newdoria
SDM-007 Helpoemer
SDM-008 Gravekeeper's Curse
SDM-009 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
SDM-010 Gravekeeper's Chief
SDM-011 A Cat of Ill Omen
SDM-012 An Owl of Luck
SDM-013 Cobra Jar
SDM-014 Lava Golem
SDM-015 Byser Shock
SDM-016 Drillago
SDM-017 Lekunga
SDM-018 Bowganian
SDM-019 Granadora
SDM-020 Viser Des
SDM-021 Magical Stone Excavation
SDM-022 Mystical Space Typhoon
SDM-023 Monster Reborn
SDM-024 Jam Breeding Machine
SDM-025 Card of Safe Return
SDM-026 Creature Swap
SDM-027 Dark Room of Nightmare
SDM-028 Stumbling
SDM-029 Nightmare's Steelcage
SDM-030 Spell of Pain
SDM-031 Malevolent Catastrophe (Wicked God Disaster)
SDM-032 Jam Defender
SDM-033 Mirror Force
SDM-034 Reckless Greed
SDM-035 Coffin Seller
SDM-036 Rite of Spirit
SDM-037 Rope of Life
SDM-038 Nightmare Wheel
SDM-039 Acid Trap Hole
SDM-040 Widespread Ruin
SDM-041 Worm Drake
SDM-042 Giga Gagagigo
SDM-043 Mother Grizzly
SDM-044 Wandering Mummy
SDM-045 Swarm of Scarabs
SDM-046 Swarm of Locusts
SDM-047 Lord Poison
SDM-048 Rush Recklessly
SDM-049 Infinite Cards
SDM-050 Pyramid Energy
SDM-051 Non-Spellcasting Area
SDM-052 Bottomless Shifting Sand
SDM-053 Curse of Royal
SDM-054 Staunch Defender
SDM-055 Compulsory Evacuation Device

Are we human
Or are we duelist
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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 13:42
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Malik Ishtar’s Deck List
Series: Yu Gi Oh Duel Monster
Season: Alcatraz Duel Tower
Card Supporters: Kevin Troup, Janime

(met dank aan:

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
=Brief List=

1. Spell Of Pain
2. Dark Jeriod
3. Class System
4. Spike Tail Lizard
5. Card Of Sanctity
6. Lord Posion
7. Surpise Attack From Beyond
8. Lava Golem
9. Polymerization
10. The Winged Dragon Of Ra
11. Nightmare Wheel
12. Dark Spell Regeneration
13. Coffin Seller
14. Plasma Eel
15. Monster Reborn
16. Hellpommer
17. Drillago
18. Beckon To The Darkness
19. Meatle Reflect Slime
20. Minning For Magical Stones
21. Bowganian
22. Revival Jam
23. Jam Defender
24. Mirror Force
25. Newdoria
26. Lekunga
27. Gilgarth
28. Tribute Burial
29. Hidden Solider
30. Card Of Last Will
31. Premature Burial
32. Legendary Fiend
33. Malevolent Catastrophe
34. Dark Wall Of Wind
35. Relive Monster
36. Machine Duplication
37. Nightmare Mirror
38. Vampiric Leech
39. Juragado
40. Left Arm Offering
41. Zombie's Jewel
42. The Winged Dragon Of Ra (Pheonix Mode)
43. The Winged Dragon Of Ra (Sphere Mode)
1. Egyptian God slime

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Dark Jeriod
Attack:1200/Defense:500/Level 3/Type:Fiend/Attubute: Dark
When this card is summoned, weaken the attack of one face up monster by 800 points.

Swallow Tail Lizard
Attack:1900/Defense:700/Level 4/Type:Reptile/Attubute: Water
During each of your standby phases, increase your life points by 1000 points.

Lord Poison
Attack:1500/Defense:1300/Level 4/Type:Fiend/Attubute: Dark

Lava Golem
Attack:3000/Defense:2500/Level 8/Type:rock/Attubute: Fire
This monster can only be special summoned on your opponent's side of the feild by sacrficing two of your opponent's monsters. Decrese your opponent's life points by 700 in each of their standby phases.

The Winged Dragon Of Ra (Battle Mode)
Attack: ????/Defense???? Level 10/Antitbute: Devine/Type: Machine
You must tribute three monster to summon this monster. This monster is uneffected by Trap Cards. This card is only effected by spell cards for one turn.The attack and defense of this card is equal to the mosnters sacrificed to summon this monster combined.
"Point For Point Transfer" Decrese your life points by any number to increase [Winged Dragon Of Ra (Battle Mode)'s] attack points by the same amount.
"Quick Attack" This monster can attack the turn it is summoned no matter what.

Plasma Eel
Attack:500/Defense:1100/Level 3/Type:Machine/Type: Earth
This monster can't be destroyed in Battle. You can turn this card into an equip spell card and attach it to one of your opponent's monsters. Every turn this card is on the feild, decrease the attack of the equiped monster by 500 points.

Attack:2000/Defense:1400/Level 5/Type:Fiend/Attubute: Dark
When this monster is destroyed in battle, put it in your opponent's graveyard. After every battle phase your opponent performs, randomly discard one card from their hand.

Attack:1600/Defense:1200/Level 4/Type:Machine/Attubute: Dark
Note [Drillago] has no effect on the anime.

Attack:1300/Defense:1000/Level 3/Type:Fiend/Attriubute: Dark
Decrease your opponent's life points by 300 in each of their end phases.

Attack:1200/Defense:700/Level 3/Type:Fiend/Attruibute: Dark
When this monster is destroyed in battle, destroy one monster on the feild.

Revival Jam
Attack:1500/Defense:500/Level 3/Type:Aqua/Attribute: Water
This monster returns to the feild in defense mode everytime it is destroyed in battle.

Attack:1700/Defense:1000/Level 4/Type:Aqua/Attribute: Water
Remove 2 water attribute monsters from your graveyard to special summon a Token monster.

Attack:1800/Defense:1500/Level 4/Type:Fiend/Attubute: Dark

Legendary Fiend
Attack:2100/Defense:1700/Level 5/Type:Fiend/attubute: Dark
Increase this cards attack points by 700 points during your standby phases.

Vampiric Leech
Attack:500/Defense:1200/Level 2/Type:Zombie/Attubute: Dark
This monster may attack the turn it is summoned, even if it is the first turn of the game. Discard one card from your hand to switch this card to defense position.

Attack:1700/Defense:1200/Level 4/Type:Fiend/Attubute: Dark

Winged Dragon Of Ra (Pheonic Mode)
Attack:0/Defense:0/Level 10/Type:Pyro/Attubute: Divine
This card can only be special summoned by using [Monster Reborn] on [The Winged Dragon Of Ra]. You must declair you are turning it to it's Pheonix Mode when summoning. This card is uneffected by trap cards and spell cards only effect it for one turn. This monster can't be destroyed in Battle and Monster Effects don'e effect it.
"Rage Of Ra"-Pay 1000 life points to destroy a monster on your opponent's feild. Even if it is a Divine Class Monster.

Winged Dragon Of Ra (Sphere Mode)
Attack:????/Defense:????/Level 10/Type:Machine/Attubute: Divine
This card is summoned when [The Winged DRagon Of Ra] is normal Summoned by offering Three monsters from your side of the feild. This Card gains the attack and defense of the three combined monsters combined. This card can't attack or Defend. You can special summon [The Winged Dragon Of Ra (Battle Mode)] by reciting a ancient chant written on the card in Ancient Egpyptian Text. The Text is as followed:
Great Beast Of The Sky
Please Hear My Cry
Transform your self from orb of light
And bring me Victory in this Fight
Unlock your powers from deep within
So that togethor we may win
Appear to me now in this shadow Game
As i call thy name
If the controller of [Winged Dragon Of Ra (Sphere Mode)] is unable to read the text and their opponent can, they may recite the chant and take control of [Winged Dragon Of Ra]

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Spell Of Pain
Transfer all damage done to your life points from one attack or card effect to another player.

Class System
Select a monster on your side of the feild. As long as this card remains face up that monster can't be destroyed by any attacks or card effects by monsters whose total level stars is equal to or less then that of the chosen monster.

Card Of Sanctity
Both players draw until they hold six cards in their hand.

Surpise Attack From Beyond
When one of your monsters is destroyed or removed from the feild by it's own effect, you can normal summon it. (even if it is removed from play or in the graveyard.)

Fuse two "Fusion Material" Monsters to create a new Fusion type monster.

Dark Spell Regeneration
Discard two cards from your hand to return one spell card from your graveyard to your hand. You can not activate the spell card during the turn this is activated.

Monster Reborn
Special summon one monster from ether player's graveayard.

Beckon To The Darkness
Destroy one monster on the feild.

Minning For Magical Stones
Discard two cards from your hand. Return one spell card in the graveyard to your hand.

Hidden Solider
(Quick play)
Return one monster on your side of the feild to your hand. Special summon any level four or lower monster you want from your hand.

Premature Burial
Pay 800 life points. Special summon one monster in your graveyard to the feild in attack mode.

Dark Wall Of Wind
Prevent all damage from direct attacks during the turn this is activated.

Machine Duplication
Select one Machine class monster on your side of the feild with less then 500 attack points, and clone it two times. If the selected monster gains attack points that would put it above 500, destroy the two clones.

Left Arm Offering
discard every card in your hand to add any spell card in your deck to your hand.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Nightmare Wheel
Stop one of your opponent's monsters from attacking. Your opponent also loses 500 life points every turn this card is on the feild.

Zombie's Jewel
Add one spell card in your opponent's graveyard to your hand. Your opponent may draw one card.

Nightmare Mirror
Stop the attack of one monster on the feild. Your opponent loses 1000 life points.

Malevolent Catastrophe
When your opponent summons a monster, this card can be used. Destroy all your opponent's monsters. Subtract half of their attack power from your opponent's life points.

Card Of Last Will
When one of your monster's attack is lowered, you may draw five cards.

Jam Defender
As long as this card is on the feild and you have a [Revival Jam] on the feild. It will block all your opponent's attacks.

Metal Reflect Slime
This can only be used when you lose more then half your life points. Special summon one "[Copy Slime]" to the feild. It will copy the form of one of your opponrnt's monsters, and will have 1000 less attack and defense points as the monster choosen.

Mirror Force
Reflect an attack back at your opponent and destroy all their monsters in attack position.

Coffin Seller
Every time one of your opponent's monsters goes to the graveyard, they lose 300 life points.
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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 13:43
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Ik denk dat de topicmaker de kaarten van Marik in de anime bedoelt. Hier heb je ze:

Normal Monsters
The Earl of Demise
Gil Garth
Melchid the Four-Face Beast

Effect Monsters
Dark Jeroid
Lava Golem
Legendary Fiend
Holding Arms
Holding Legs
Byser Shock <Only in the manga>
Lord Poison
Makyura the Destructor
Morphing Jar
Plasma Eel
Viser Des <Only in the manga>
Revival Jam
Sacred Stone of Ojhat
Vampiric Leech
Masked Beast Des Gardius

Divine Monsters
The Winged Dragon of Ra

Fusion Monsters
Egyptian God Slime

Black Pendant
Card of Sanctity
Class System
Dark Spell Regeneration
Dark Wall of Wind
Jam Breeding Machine
Machine Duplication
Magical Stone Excavation
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Premature Burial
Remove Trap
Spell of Pain
Surprise Attack from Beyond
The Mask of Remnants
Tribute Burial
Vengeful Bog Spirit

Card of Last Will
Coffin Seller
Gift of The Mystical Elf
Hidden Soldiers
Jam Defender
Joyful Doom
Left Arm Offering
Malevolent Catastrophe
Metal Reflect Slime
Mirror Force
Nightmare Mirror
Nightmare Wheel
Relieve Monster
Rope of Life
Zombie's Jewel
Future Name: Shijiru

Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 13:49
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Wauw. @ Omnimon~X en PiatbrO. O.O
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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 13:55
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Iedereen kan copypasten.
Omnimon X had het van Janime en ik van Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.

[ Laatst gewijzigd door Gurenn; 30 december 2007 om 16:14 ]
Future Name: Shijiru

Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 13:59
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Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door PiatbrO Bekijk bericht
Iedereen kan copy-pasten.
Omnimon X had het van Janime en ik van Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.
Oow... ja.. Maar, dat wist ik wel. ó.o
Snooping as usual, I see?
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Standaard geplaatst op 30 december 2007 @ 17:54
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Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Omnimon~X Bekijk bericht
Ligt het aan mij, of staan er allemaal fouten in die kaarten? Volgensmij is Lava Golem een Fiend, en Lord Posion een Water-Type, met een Effect.

oh well, wat jullie willen.

Are we human
Or are we duelist
Lord of Dark Duellists

Standaard geplaatst op 14 januari 2008 @ 02:08
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Het klopt, ze komen van janime, alhoewel die decklist van Marik volgens mij niet helemaal volledig is.

Janime rules!
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Standaard geplaatst op 14 januari 2008 @ 09:36
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Mischien klopt deze wel


Zag dat de lijst al gepost was

[ Laatst gewijzigd door KeVin02; 14 januari 2008 om 09:41 ]

Heb een Wreed goede Lugia


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