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En weer verder met schrijven
(everything written in Italic is from the writers point of view)

A mix up of several short stories about the OC's I have made. A little looks back on each of their lives and for how they are doing now. Following the line in which they were created, each chapter starts with a short introduction of the character self followed by their background story.

It was an early morning. Not a single bird was singing yet and the sun was starting to rise above the land. For some a great start of their day to see such a beautiful thing, for some not something to have seen in their entire lives. It was a start like this that could hold so many great things for the day, whilst some had their bitter thoughts on the day ahead of them. The clock tower that stood in the middle of the town rang six times.
With every day passing a new chapter can be added to ones life, sudden meeting or events that changes lives and bringing it into a completely different direction. Following the stories about the fourteen lives which intertwine with one another, creating a unique point of view throughout the entire story.

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Chapter one: First two steps

The door opens and someone enter the room. It was a tall figure with a broad build. Having a bit of a confused look on his face the person looks around in the small, white room as he sees a note lying on the table that was standing in front of him. He picks up the note and reads it while looking around again. No windows and only one door. He turns around and tries to open the door which appears to be locked now.
‘Seriously…’: He mumbles, ‘What kind of joke are you planning to do?’
‘I figured that you wanted to leave so quickly again Yuri’
‘So therefore you lock me in this ridiculously small room?’: Yuri asks, ‘What was it with the note anyway Laura? I know that you as the creator could do something as this but isn’t it going a bit far? Why the white colour for the walls anyway? That is slightly annoying you know’. A loud noise from behind the door fills the room and Yuri walks back a few steps. As the sound stops he stares at the door and is surprised by what happened next. The wall that was behind him moves away.
‘And with that you still haven’t answered my question’: Yuri says.
‘I know…, and I will answer those questions of you in a moment, just go through the other side of where the wall had disappeared.’
‘… and you expect me to just do that?’ : Yuri asks.
‘If you want your answers then yes’
Yuri sighs and walks to the other side of the room. As he moves on forward he walks down a hallway, of which the walls were as white as the room he was in before. After a while he notices a bright light at the end and goes through. Suddenly he was standing outside. He looks around him and sees nothing but the clear blue sky and table with a note on it.
‘Just sit down and relax’
‘Answers… NOW’: Yuri says. I could here from the tone is his voice that he wasn’t to happy.
‘The only reason I got you there was because I needed to talk to you’
‘Why?’: Yuri asks.
‘I have started writing down a lot about you guys and was thinking of turning it into some sort of book. At such point it is nice to have these one-on-one chats with you all’
‘Okay, I can live with that’: Yuri says, ‘But then why the mysterious notes and slightly creepy white room?’
‘Before you start making complains… one, you are not the only one I am going to talk to today. Two, that was only because I felt like doing that. Besides, I don’t think you would have ever accepted an invitation from me to talk about you and your story’
‘So you decide to do it the creepy way’: Yuri says, rolling his eyes.
‘It is not like I don’t have anything to do right now. If you knew how much time it had taken me to write this all down you’d be grateful for not having to do that.’
‘Sure’: Yuri mumbles with a sarcastic tone in his voice, ‘But what is it that you do want to know from me then?’
‘Just start from the beginning. Tell me who you are, where you are from, family things… I don’t know, whatever you want to tell me’
‘……. Wouldn’t that be something you should have written down by now?’: Yuri asks.
‘You haven’t done that yet???’: Yuri asks. The sound of his voice was both surprised as slightly angered, ‘No wonder you would be setting up these tricks’
‘I am not completely sure.’
‘Of what?’: Yuri says, ‘The content can’t be that far of’
More like if what I have is complete and or correct. Yeah I know it probably isn’t that far off but even I can make mistakes. Watching how stuff happens or hearing it from the person itself still makes a world of difference’
‘….’: Yuri didn’t says a word and looked at the note that was left on the table. For what was written on it, it explained a bit on what was going on and which was pretty much the same as what was explained so far.
‘And with that we …or should I say you? are completely moving away from the original topic. You should be talking right now not me.’
‘Well it is not like I know where to start of at this moment’: Yuri says.
‘Well I can give you a little while to think on that, start whenever you like. In the meantime I‘ll start writing down something’.
‘Hmm? like what?’: Yuri asks.
The usual stuff Yuri, like how you look and your personality. Thats something I can at least do while you’re thinking’.
‘Okay, have fun’.: Yuri mumbles and sits down on the grass. It was a wide-open field he was at right now. No trees in sight, only a few clouds in the sky that drifted by.
‘And you are not giving the best first impression you know.’
‘Like I care about that’: Yuri mumbles.
As I look down on the field I close my laptop a bit and sigh. Going through so much trouble only for this. Oh well, not much I can do about right now so I’d better get started on this. Let’s see…

Yuri Kamizu, born on the 21st of November in 1989, so that makes him twenty-four by now. He’s actually quite tall, 6’3 ft, knowing that he is half Japanese. As for his family he still has both his parents. Even though a lot has happened a few years ago, that is something that I… no wait Yuri will get back on later. For what I know so far his mother Ayane Kamizu is of the vampire race and a so-called “full-blood” vampire which I think means that both her parents are vampires as well and so on. As for his father, Zael Kamizu, he is British and has cat dna mixed with his own. It’s not like he just simply has grown cat ears and stuff but it also affected a few other things like his magic. With that he gained a kind of magic that was used to open locks and barriers easily. Therefore the cat race got the nickname of the ”Thieving cat”.
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In their world not much is known about this all so I haven’t been able to acquire that much either. Next to those two is Yume Kamizu, Yuri’s sister. Just like her mother she is a full vampire. As far as I know he did have another sister, also older than him,. Now back to Yuri. As for him he is a mix between his parents, half vampire half cat. Although in his physical appearance the vampire part is more visible, he is able to switch between the two (not always doing it himself, sometimes it spontaneously happens when he’s moody).
At first sight he may seem to be quite distant and not easy to talk to, but he is actually quite the opposite of that. He can be a bit protective towards his friends, in a way like when he is in trouble he doesn’t like to take others down with it, and takes things quite serious in life. With a bit of sarcasm at his side, which isn’t meant seriously most of the time,and as an excuse to avoid trouble. Since he had quite a troublesome childhood he doesn’t bond with people easily. It takes some time to get to know him and for him to trust others. A talented musician, which he takes after his father, who plays the violin.

‘How much time do you still need?’: Yuri asks. I look up from my laptop as I hear him asking me something.
‘You were saying? ’
‘… I asked you how much time you still needed to write your part’: Yuri asks, sounding slightly annoyed. I look around me and see a chair standing nearby. Taking it with me I walk towards Yuri, place it on the ground and sit down.
‘Not that much Yuri’.

‘How are you actually going to write the story?’: Yuri asks.
‘I was still thinking about that. I am not entirely happy with how I wanted to do it at first. Taking one chapter for each character to introduce will get boring after a while. Too much information given at once won’t be good if I want to get some people to read it’.
‘Hmm… I see’: Yuri mumbles, ‘Trying to get more than one in a chapter might work?’’
‘That could work indeed, but then I will have to adjust it to the timeline I created’.
‘Timeline …?’: Yuri says tilting his head. I could see the confused look on his face as I said those words and start to laugh a bit
‘What is so funny?’: He asks.
‘Nothing important, just something I remembered’.
‘Do I need to get scared and walk away or something?’: Yuri says.
‘You don’t, it isn’t anything weird. I thought of what you said just a moment ago, about the adding several characters to each chapter. I was thinking of the timeline I made when creating you guys. That idea could indeed decrease the amount of chapters at the start.’
‘What did you mean by “timeline” anyway?’: Yuri asks.
‘Basically the order I created you all.
‘….’: Yuri stayed silent.
‘Well it is not like I can write down all the names, not only would that confuse the future reader since it still are so many characters that are going to be written about in this book and they don’t know who they are yet… Not all off them I think and you are keeping me from my work Yuri… AGAIN.’
‘Not my fault you keep talking to me’: Yuri says

‘Ignoring her would be one option’: Someone says. Both me and Yuri look up to see whom it was.
‘Well good afternoon Zane. A little late aren’t we?
‘A little maybe’: Zane says, ‘but those notes of you weren’t that easy to follow you know.’
‘Not extremely difficult or anything, but to know that the place where you start isn’t that far from where you end up to be. It’s a waste of time to be mislead to several places and end up almost at the same point of where you began.’: Zane says
‘Hmm… you may have a point there Zane. I only thought it would be fun to do’.
‘Were you expecting anyone else?’: Yuri asks.
‘Not really. Unless someone would think it be funny to show up right now I didn’t invite anyone else today. Introducing two people would be more than enough for today don’t you think?’
‘Is there anything I have missed so far?’: Zane asks as he turns towards Yuri.
‘Not that much’: He replies, ‘Besides the fact that she still has a lot of writing to do before she can even start.’
‘Hmm? How so?’: Zane replies with a confused look on his face.
I write a few things down and look up what Yuri and Zane were doing. I heard him explain to Zane what I have been doing here until he arrived and saw them looking at me as if I had done something wrong.
‘Isn’t that something you should have done a long time ago?’: Zane asks me.
‘I have done that… somewhat I guess. I have written quite a few things down about all of you only never had the TIME to write it all down. Most of the things I have are written on notes since it needed to written down quickly. Besides that, Yuri did forgot to mention that it takes a shitload of time to write it down in fancy book like way. Since I have been adding more people to the list, I automatically have more to write about. And there was a moment where about six people were added in a short period of time. Once that starts slowing down it gets a bit of a mess like random notes everywhere. He is right about the fact that I could have done that before but now that I decided to turn it into a story I might as well do it right now. Still takes a lot of time though yet it is a more pleasant way of writing as long people don’t interfere and keep me from writing.’
‘Sorry, my bad’: Zane says, with a grin on his face, ‘Then you take your time to write whatever is necessary, we’ll wait. Only one question left, purely out of curiosity. What is it that we are needed for then?’
‘As you have heard from Yuri, I first write down something about you. Some personal information, nothing special, just so the reader will get to know you guys a little better... What I really intended to write about was the complete story behind you guys.

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I know that from a certain point in time I got there to help a few out but I was really curious about the time before that. I mean some of you knew each other even before I got around. Of course I can write down what I know so far, but I am sure that even I don’t know every detail, and not like I want to know e-ve-ry-thing, but more out of curiosity than anything else. Besides there are a few people out there who would be interested as well. Good enough answer for you?’
‘More than enough’ : Zane replies.
‘So now you do have a reason for this all?’: Yuri asks.
‘Well you never asked before’.
Zane starts laughing as I said those words and sat down next to Yuri.

Looking left and right through my notes to see if there was something useful there and I turn my gaze back to my laptop to start writing again.
Zane Hiroku, born on the 16th of September in 1989, Also twenty-four, so of the same year as Yuri. Average height at 6’0, brown hair and green eyes. Not particularly a broad build but he works out a little.
Zane doesn’t have any brothers or sisters nor does he lives with his parents anymore. The reason for that was mainly because they wanted him to help out with their family business when he was old enough. Since he isn’t that interested in helping them out with that he left his home at a rather young age. Zane doesn’t really talk that much about his home situation since he isn’t too happy with that. Which is understandable at some point, but as most people will know, it doesn’t solve anything. Even though his lack of communication sometimes, he is quite a friendly guy in general and is always willing to help others, even complete strangers. Loves reading books and is practicing archery, even though I wonder why he even needs practice. His eyesight is… how to say… superior to any living creature. Not even wanting to know on how he is able to hit any target, moving or not, at a distance of two to four hundred meters. Than I am just talking about bow and arrow, Zane rather works with guns. That was quite a surprise at first, to figure that out I mean. It would have been the last thing to ever think of him.
I sigh and stare at my laptop. So much to write about and it feels like I have been going on forever. I scroll through the pages only to find out I am at seven already. Shaking my head I wonder if every chapter will go on like this.

‘Having trouble writing?’ Zane asks me.
‘A little. There is simply too much I want to write about and I don’t want every chapter to go on for so long. Although this is the longest I have ever written so far’
‘So it is more that you are looking for a way to end a chapter without letting it seem unfinished?’ Yuri asks, with a slightly confused look on his face.
‘In some way yes. Ending it like the way it is right now is not an option’
‘Then how long are you going to take for it then?’ Yuri asks
‘Don’t give me that look. I know it is going to be taking much more time than anticipated but..’
‘Hurry up then’ Yuri grumbles, ‘I’ve got better things to do than sitting around here’. Both me and Zane look at Yuri for a moment.
‘Oh? you have other plans?’ Zane says with a grin on his face.
‘Oh shush’ Yuri mumbles. I start laughing as I see the look on Yuri’s face.
‘Things are going great between you and Aika hmm?’

‘What does it even matter to you?’ Yuri asks me
‘Not that much. I am simply interested in your life and with that I mean all of you guys. To hear about such lovely things to certainly have my attention. I love to hear love stories’
‘Well then wipe off that grin there isn’t so much that you need to know’ Yuri says.
‘Well not me maybe, but the readers out there might want to. That also reminds me to make another drawing. I haven’t even been able to finish the last one and you decided to have another kid. One way to to keep me busy’.
Zane starts laughing as I stop talking. ‘I can see why she is interested though’ he says. Yuri looks at Zane in dead silence. ‘Well you two were the first ones to actually do something to spike her interest. Now that Damian and William are a couple as well I don’t think that her attention will be at you two that much anymore and...’
‘And I am happy about that’ Yuri says, interrupting Zane, ‘Honestly, it was getting a bit annoying.’
‘And with that neither of you are helping me to close this chapter. Only giving more information and stuff to write about. Stop with it at once’. I feel as if someone is watching me and I turn around. Not seeing anyone I turn back to my laptop and think of what to write next. I hear a faint laughter and I look up again. I see both Yuri and Zane trying to hold back their laughter and feel as if there was someone behind me. Before I can even turn around two people sit down next to me, one at either side.
‘Hope we aren’t late for the party?’ They say.

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