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Standaard geplaatst op 15 juli 2014 @ 12:24
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Ik verveelde me, had 20% inspiratie en had een onderwerp:

The History of our Heart

The first time we met
I was the young maid of your family
You were the sick youngest son
I took care of you
You wanted to take care of me
We were not allowed to bond
So you left the house
And we spend our life, sworn together forever

The second time we met
I was the son of the blacksmith
You were the daughter of a trader
The crusade allowed us to meet
To love
Many died amongst us
Your parents found me too poor
I found fortune in my craft
And we spend our life, sworn together forever

The third time we met
We were both mere townsboys
Though friends for years
We felt more
The town would never accept our love
So we met in the night
Until the lights came back, in the moonlight
And we spend our life, until the fire cleansed our sins

The fourth time we met
I was an artist, fuelled by the Golden Era
You were just a girl, who posed for us once
Your beauty was mesmerizing
I asked you to pose for me more
Until the end of this life, you posed
With everything, everyone
Our daughter
We spend our life, sworn together forever

The fifth time we met
We were runaways, haunted by genocide
We found each other
On the run
When they found us
I let you escape, I took the bullet
My only regret was
I never got to say
The three words, to be together forever

We might forget each other every time
Every life
But meeting you
Everything coming back
So let us meet again
Since we have sworn to be together forever
Misschien dat ik meer maak, ik heb nog een schrijfprojectje liggen maar IRL blijft druk op mij uitoefenen.
Engels I know, deal with it.


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