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Standaard geplaatst op 22 november 2011 @ 14:44
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title of this chapter is beLIEve

Inoue and Chad are brought to Urahara shop, Tessai heals them, Urahara then leaves
Isshin ask where is he going, Urahara says : to where everyone is.
then switch to Ginjou ichigo ishida scene..
talks alot about fullbrings etcetc
blah blah blah, the last part..
Ginjou said the Substitue shinigami license real name is "Shinigami Substitute Battle permit license"
and something about an audiomonitor and the device that can measure amount of reaitsu being planted into the badge.. (could it monitor ichigo? to measure Ichigo's reaitsu???hmm~)
and the one who's been working with us is Ukitake Juushiro , 13th division captain.
Ukitake's main goal is to control them, monitoring Soul society, if anyone disobey will be killed.
Ginjou said soul society doesn't know this matter except Ichigo..
last, ichigo : bankai!
wait what

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Veni, Vidi, Vici
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Standaard geplaatst op 22 november 2011 @ 14:52
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Klinkt erg interessant, ik kijk er naar uit!
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Standaard geplaatst op 22 november 2011 @ 21:00
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Wat zeiden jullie, een RAW versie van het nieuwe chapter?

Nou, vooruit! Wel even scrollen, trouwens.

-waarschuwing deze link bevat Japanse teksten, een coverpage met een iPhone erop, en nog veel meer-

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Standaard geplaatst op 30 november 2011 @ 15:48
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Wat zeg je, 'Hawk, ik wil spoilers?'
Nou, vooruit dan.

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Standaard geplaatst op 26 december 2011 @ 10:12
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Wait a minute, geen flashback?!

Everyone except Ginjou lives.
Riruka wakes up at Urahara's shop.
Inoue cries out of happiness.
リルカ あんた月島のことは?
Riruka: "What do you think of Tsukishima?"
井上 月島さん?誰?
Inoue: "Tsukishima-san? Who's that?"

Tsukishima meets Shishigawara in the forest.
Tsukishima weeps over Ginjou's death.

Jackie meets with Yukio.
At Urahara's shop
イチゴ 他の奴らもさがしたんだけど、お前(リルカ)しか見つからなかった
Ichigo: "I've looked for the other guys but you (Riruka) are the only one I've found.

As Tsukishima carries Shishigawara away
he says, "I'm no longer alone."
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Standaard geplaatst op 07 februari 2012 @ 15:04
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The new arc begins
but I have no idea what's going on.
The story doesn't advance at all.
Anyway I think it starts out like this.
SS is in a state of emergency. There's an uproar at the technological development dept. Mayuri is calm.
Two new shinigami, along with Afro-san, head to the real world.
A hollow appears.
The new shinigami are about to die when Ichigo arrives.
Something like that. I'll be back later.
Dit update ik nog, natuurlijk. 22 pagina's, lead color deze week, dus dit zal zeker niet het enige zijn.
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Standaard geplaatst op 27 april 2012 @ 19:47
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Vroege spoilers deze week, dus een bumpje voor dit topic! Bleach 490: March of the Starcross 2! De Vandenreich.. infiltreren Soul Society!

En ook nog de cover van volume 55 en de covers van twee Bleach-novels, geschreven door de auteur van Durarara!

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Standaard geplaatst op 30 mei 2012 @ 10:57
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Bleach 494: ???

The Vandenreich attack Soul Society. Rukia and the two 3th seats of the 13th Division appear, suspecting the source of the explosion is where the enemy hides. Some new Shinigami release their Shikai to battle the Vandenreich. All the Stern Ritter appear.

Later, Akon reports that in 7 minutes, over a 1000 Shinigami have been slaughtered. Among the dead/dying is Izuru Kira, who's upper body exploded in blood. At the end of the chapter, Ichigo powers up for an attack on Kirge Opie.
Kijk hier voor een paar afbeeldingen.

[ Laatst gewijzigd door Hawk; 30 mei 2012 om 11:07 ]
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Standaard geplaatst op 10 juli 2012 @ 10:18
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Bleach 500!

Members from the 12th division (probably the ones who came to aid) are attacked by the Stern Ritter, while Ichigo is still running and speaking on the phone. Gatekeeper Jidanbou bursts into the Research Institute. Later, Kirge is cut into half, Urahara wonders who did this, a sword points in front of his face, Urahara thinks "Oh no!"
Pics hier:

grimmjow returns? BELIEVE
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Standaard geplaatst op 25 juli 2012 @ 09:05
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Bleach 501:
it says renji and rukia are finished. Byakuya's arm is spewing blood. Kenpachi is shown carrying the two bodies of stern ritters. Basically, what I've gathered is that Renji and Rukia are probably not in the best condition, Byakuya's in BIG trouble (his whole body is covered in blood, probably dead.), and Kenpachi is kicking ass and taking names.
godpachi confirmed

[ Laatst gewijzigd door Hawk; 25 juli 2012 om 09:19 ]
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Standaard geplaatst op 29 augustus 2012 @ 12:37
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Yamajii is very angry - everyone says Captain commander is in rage mode, they must do their best! etcetc

Kenpachi is defeated - probably more Yamamoto backstory too - end of chapter he meets Buckbeard:
" Yo! haven't seen you for thousand years!"
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Standaard geplaatst op 02 oktober 2012 @ 07:02
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Bleach 509 -

真 BOSS 登场
Real boss appears.
He never change appearances
He was in the underground prison.

Boss: I came to see aizen

old man's bankai is being stolen.
最后 BOSS 一刀从老头左肩砍下
at the end, the Boss's left shoulder cuts from old man(??).
The Japanese spoiler is almost identical to the one in Chinese.
His majesty appears for real.
His goal is meeting Aizen.
Yamamoto's bankai gets stolen, and his majesty cuts his left arm (presumably all the way off).

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Standaard geplaatst op 07 mei 2013 @ 23:45
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Spoilers voor Bleach 536 Spoilers van Bleach Asylum, dank aan Zangesto01 van Bleach Asylum.

Isshin says to Ichigo: You already know what happens after you're born, so I don't have to tell you, but there is one thing you still don't know, which is what happened on the day your mother died: the real reason of her death.

Kan niet wachten tot de release

No matter how hard it gets along the way


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